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**Shelton LL offers baseball and softball programs for the following age groups listed below. The Registration fee includes a mandatory fund raising fee of $65.00 for our league raffle. You will receive these tickets at one of your first team practices. You have the option to keep these tickets and list your name of the tickets or sell them if you desire. The money you receive from the sale of the tickets is yours to keep since they were already paid for during the sign up process. Fund raiser is limited to one per family.

BASEBALL: (Co-ed) Age as of August 31, 2022
Estimated Regular Season start dates:
Tee Ball -  Ages  4-6   Begins mid April
AA Coach Pitch - Ages 7-8  Begins mid April
AAA Player Pitch - Ages 9-11  Begins mid April
Major Baseball -  Ages 10-12  Begins early April
SOFTBALL: (GIRLS) Age as of December 31, 2021
Estimated Regular Season start dates:

Tee Ball -  Ages  4-6  Begins mid April
AA Coach Pitch - Ages 7-8  Begins mid April
AAA Player Pitch - Ages 9-11 Begins mid April
Major Softball - Ages 10-12  Begins early April

Junior Softball Ages 12-14 Begins early -mid April

All Players "LEAGUE AGE" 7-12 must attend mandatory player evaluations. Information located HERE

**The starting dates listed for the 2022 Programs are subject to change. Game schedules are not created until late March or early April so it is hard to say what days your child's games will be played on.
**Most divisions will start practicing in late March-early April (weather permitting). Once the season starts, there will be two games per week usually on different days each week. Weekday games will begin at 5:45 or 6:00 PM depending on the division. Weekend game times will vary. Managers select their own practice days and times so these will vary for each team and division but are typically twice per week prior to the start of the season. Once the season begins, scheduled practices stop and the manager may call a practice based on field availability.
Some divisions will do a small amount of traveling playing teams from other leagues.

Most programs run through the end of June and play two games per week. Typically, once during the week and one on Saturday. This may vary within each division.

Players will need their own glove, bat, baseball(white) or softball (grey) pants and helmet. The league will supply a uniform jersey and a hat.  Major divisions will receive socks. Baseball shoes are recommend for all divisions. (Tee ball can use sneakers)

Tee Ball players will receive a helmet or baseball pants as part of the registration fee. This can be picked up at Blanchette Sporting Goods in Shelton before the season begins in 2022.